In the heart of the Latin Quarter, Galway

Welcome to The Kings Head / Fáilte go dtí The Kings Head An Open fire and a very Galway welcome greets everyone as they open the doors of The Kings Head, which is located in the heart of Galway City on High Street in the Latin Quarter. Standing tall for over 800 years, there are many tales this building could tell, but for now The Kings Head is all about celebrating life in the west of Ireland.

The Kings Head menu is a celebration of the fish, meat and vegetables that are on their doorstep, the menu is nostalgic at times as it features some home cooked favourites including Beef and Guinness Stew with creamy Mash, perfect on any day in Galway.

But it is in their dedication to the sea that the food at The Kings Head really comes to life, Crab Claws, Mussels, Smoked Salmon Salad, Oysters, a hearty Chowder, always a catch of the day, Galway Beer battered Fish served with their signature chips (More on those later) and of course the now seasonal signature Lobster and Triple cooked chips. The Chips at the Kings head are cut by hand in house, skins left on and then cooked three times for that perfect balance of crispy skin and floury spud. They are a stand-alone dish in themselves.

For over 15 years Brendan Keane has led the kitchens at The Kings Head and he has along with owners (The Grealish Family) been a driving force in championing all things west and Irish on their plates. The pub and The Kings Head Bistro offer diners a chance to really get a feel for Irish food and each year The Kings Head Fish bill from local suppliers is higher than their meat, which tells you how each customer is swayed by the lure of the quality of seafood here.

At the bar at The Kings Head, you will find the usual suspects as well as signature whiskeys, gins and craft beers. They have also brewed exclusively their own Blood Red Ale which is a preservative free, small batch, traditional ale. The Kings Head takes pride of place on Galway's Whiskey Trail with its own unique Irish Whiskey Bar.

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